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02 Sep'13

KORG-MS20 Mini in da pocket!

Interface, a Dutch magazine for producers and Nobody Beats The Drum created a remix contest, where we had to remix NBTD's track 'Blood on my hands.' After many ours of making beats, mixing an mastering we came to a final track, submitted it and WON! Sjam, one of the guys of NBTD said: "This remix sounds really fat, with al lot of fresh ideas. I would definitly spin this in a DJ-set." We won pro tickets for the Amsterdam Dance Event, a meet & greet with NBTD and a KORG-MS20 Mini. Thanks!! You can read the full article here.. (only Dutch)

27 Jul'13

VEXED with live-remix trio Keys N Krates

We were booked for VEXED (26-07-'13), a brand new bass-oriënted concept in Haarlem (NL), what was really awesome on itself. Later on, we heard that we were playing next to the Dutch bass-producer Subp Yao, Dubstep and Grime king Brutuzz, and last, but definitely not the least, we were playing next to the live-remix trio Keys N Krates from Toronto (CAN). They are like big inspiration for us with their live set-up. We really enjoyed playing at VEXED, with it’s awesome vibe. Next to that it was really nice to speak to our new Canadian friends, we hope to meet you again in the future.

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